Second Chance Day on the Hill 2020

Join over 60 Minnesota organizations in support of second chances!

On February 12th or later, please still register. We may not be able to schedule your legislative visit ahead of time, but will work to connect you with previously-scheduled groups when you arrive on the 19th.

Register here >

The most impactful way for you to influence the policies that impact you and those you care about is by meeting in person with your legislators.

Second Chance Coalition members can help you connect with your legislator about the second chance issues you care about. This year we will only be visiting legislators if we have a pre-scheduled meeting for at least one constituent.

Between the hundreds that show up to the rally, and the visits that happen, this is the greatest way to show our lawmakers that Second Chances are important for ALL Minnesotans! Join us!

Press Conference Agenda

Press Conference 9:00 AM Capitol Press Room B971
9:00-9:03: Pete Sutter – President MN Second Chance Coalition
9:03-9:06: John Choi – Ramsey County Attorney
9:06-9:10: Tonja Honsey – Impacted Person
9:10-9:13: Mark Osler – Robert and Marion Short Professor of Law
9:17-9:20: Anna Odegard – Minnesota Asset Building Coalition (Fines and Fees)
9:20-9:23 Chas Anderson – US Justice Action Network
9:23-9:27: Rep Heather Edelson – Primary Caregiver Bill
9:27-9:30: Commissioner Paul Schnell – Minnesota Department of Corrections

Rally Agenda

Rally 10am to 11am Minnesota Capitol Rotunda
9:55 – 10:00 MNTC Choir
10:00 – 10:05 Intro: Pete Sutter, President MN Second Chance Coalition
10:06 – 10:11 Speaker: Tonja Honsey (Keynote)
10:12 – 10:15 Speaker: Anna Odegaard, MABC (Fines & Fees)
10:16 – 10:19 Speaker: Ismael Dore (Impacted Person)
10:20 – 10:27 Legislators as available
10:28 – 10:31 Speaker: Wintana Melekin (Restore the Vote)
10:32 – 10:35 Speaker: Marlin Meszaros (Impacted Person)
10:36 – 10:43 Legislators as available
10:44 – 10:49 Dignitary: First Lady Gwen Walz
10:50 – 10:56 Legislators as available
10:57 – 11:00 Closing: Pete Sutter, President MN Second Chance Coalition
11:00 – 11:05 MNTC Choir
11:05 Legislative visits with constituents