George Floyd: Where We Stand

The Minnesota Second Chance Coalition stands with our allies in fighting police brutality and condemning the unjust killing of George Floyd and countless other unarmed Black Americans.

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of emotionally charged activity and justified outrage, yet amidst the chaos, we’ve seen our communities come together and demand change. These assemblies were not divided by race, nor ethnicity, but instead united by a common belief that all people should be treated justly.

The MNSCC has advocated for fair and responsible laws, policies, and practices for over 12 years in an effort to ensure individuals impacted by the criminal justice system have an opportunity to reach their full potential. Admittedly, our primary focus has been on the backend of the criminal justice system.

We must do better by shining a light on systemic racism and challenging anti-Blackness, which pervades the criminal justice system from the very beginning and through every step along the way.

Fair and equitable justice will remain unattainable until we as a community and as a society proudly and unreservedly acknowledge not just in our words but through our actions that, indeed, Black Lives Matter. We recognize that we have a lot of work ahead of us as an organization, but we are committed to listen, learn, and take action to protect life, liberty, and human rights.

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MN Second Chance Coalition
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