Board Member Application

Minnesota Second Chance Coalition Board of Directors Job Description:


MN Second Chance Coalition advocates for a dignified criminal legal system that promotes healing, repair, accountability, and belonging for individuals, families, and communities.


We envision systems that respond to harm in ways that lead to healing and repair for harmed parties, responsible parties, and communities.


To win, we will advocate, educate, train and empower our communities around criminal legal issues and their root causes.

  • We promote equity by educating on systemic disparities and advocating for statewide policy changes.
  • We promote the inherent dignity of all people.
  • We promote building of power with, not power over, to ensure mutual accountability for a safe and well community.    
  • We promote a sense of belonging that acknowledges each of our individual potential, value, and worth.

We promote paths to repair harm and move towards transformative healing. 


As the leadership body of the organization, the board of directors is responsible for:

  • determining the mission and purposes of the organization
  • strategic and organizational planning
  • ensuring strong fiduciary oversight and financial management
  • fundraising and resource development
  • fundraising and resource development
  • approving and monitoring the organization’s programs and services
  • enhancing the organization’s public image
  • assessing its own performance as the governing body of the organization

Each individual board member is expected to:

  • know the organization’s mission, policies, programs, and needs
  • serve as active advocates and ambassadors for the organization and fully engage in identifying
  • and securing the resources and partnerships necessary for the organization to advance its
  • leverage connections, networks, and resources to develop collective action to fully achieve the organization’s mission
  • help identify connections that can benefit the organization’s fundraising and reputational
    standing, and can influence public policy
  • prepare for, attend, and conscientiously participate in board meetings
  • participate fully in one or more committees