About Us


The Minnesota Second Chance Coalition is a bipartisan 501(c)3 nonprofit consisting of hundreds of nonprofit member organizations and individuals. Collectively, we believe in second chances, the principle that persons who have been punished for crimes should have meaningful opportunities to live, work, and grow as people after serving their debts to society.

Through professional training, grassroots mobilization, and legislative outreach, our mission is to “advocate fair and responsible laws, policies, and practices . . . enabling individuals who have been involved in the justice system to fully support themselves and contribute to their communities to their full potential.” Our work touches upon fair hiring, housing, voting, and sentencing practices.

2020-21 Minnesota Second Chance Coalition Officers and Board of Directors:

Emily Terrell (President)
​Tierre Caldwell (Vice President)
​Pete Sutter (Past President)
​Amber Barnes (Treasurer; Rise, Inc.)
​Gina Evans (Secretary)
Julie Ditter          Meg Gauthier              Lashunda Roberts
​Jamari Jones       Lindsay Turner           Marlin Meszaros
​David Hunter     Maria Kamenska       Laurie Woodard
​Aaron Ernst         Randy Anderson, RCP, LADC

We accept mail at the following address:

MN Second Chance Coalition
5500 Nicollet Avenue #19667
Minneapolis, MN 55419