Minnesota Second Chance Coalition

We are a bipartisan 501(c)3 advocating for responsible policies and practices enabling persons with justice system involvement to support themselves and their families and contribute to their communities to their full potential.

Legislative Priorities

The Coalition Supports Reform that:

Fines & Fees
Fines and fees from traffic and low-level criminal violations strip assets from low income communities, especially communities of color. Individuals who lack the liquid assets to pay a ticket in full and on time experience an escalation of consequences, including late fees, collection fees, and driver’s license suspensions, which can create a debt-to-jail trap for many people.
Pardon Reform Bill
The proposed bill will create a nine-member part-time clemency/pardon review commission with 3-members each chosen by the Governor, the Attorney General and the Chief Justice. This Commission and its staff will take over the role of the role of the commissioner of corrections regarding intake, investigation, and evaluation of the petitions for clemency/pardons.
Voting Restoration
Contrary to widespread belief, Minnesotans do not regain the right to vote when they've finished serving their prison time. Only once they've finished lengthy periods of supervision, often decades in duration, can they participate in our democracy and teach their children civic responsibility.

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